About Us

Executive Franchise Leads: We have been generating Franchise Candidates since 2004

Executive Franchise Leads gets you results

We are a sales lead generation organization that doesn’t just get you leads. We get you franchise candidates. We are confident that our unique approach will get you results in a tough industry. With links to a wide-array of franchise opportunity categories, our candidate acquisition programs generate thousands of the most elite franchise candidates available. Our proprietary approach always yields the highest-quality leads that we enhance with our call verification process. Our franchise candidates are the future franchisees that you are looking for and we are proud to bring them to you.

Executive Franchise Leads saves your time and resources

Our success is centered on a proprietary technology coupled with process management that virtually guarantees that the franchise candidates we deliver are ready to do business. Our sources yield a considerable amount of leads. But we believe that when it comes to candidates, you cannot sacrifice quality with quantity. We sort through all our leads to find the individuals that are interested, qualified, and ready to do business.  So when you get them, you can be confident that your company is making a good use of their time and resources when they pursue them.

Executive Franchise Leads Innovator-In-Chief

Natalie has always defied normal. Even in college, she was one of 10 women to earn a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University in 1984. After that, she used the next 15 years to learn everything she could about the Mechanical Design Automation field.

Her early career was not short on successes. She played a major role in Rasna Corporation’s climb to #3 on the Inc. 100 list of “Fastest-Growing Companies”. She was also instrumental in their ability to sell to Parametric Technologies (PTC) for $500 Million.

Soon it was time for Natalie move on to business automation through software development. Using her mechanical automation experience as a foundation, she was on the team that founded Blue Martini Software. Blue Martini Software went public 2 years later in 2000 with a $4.4 Billion peak market cap.

Her next move was Franchise Consulting. This was where all her experience came together to form the basis for Executive Franchise Leads. She was frustrated with the leads available. There were too many time-wasting leads that she had to sift through to find new candidates. Starting then, she generated her own leads and starting having great success. When others heard what she was doing and how well it was working, they asked her for help getting franchise sales leads too.

With an industry where qualified leads were in tall demand and in short supply, Natalie saw an opportunity. She co-founded Mercury Road for franchise sales lead generation. Later she founded Executive Franchise Leads. Using her proprietary system, she found, qualified and verified excellent candidates for franchisors and franchise brokers alike. She has been doing it for nearly a decade now.